Beer Friday

Beer Friday, most studios have some version of this. My challenge for today is to eat total crap for science!

It is my cheat day where I’m allowed and should spike my intake to reset certain body functions. Also I do want to test something. My weekends aren’t very exciting food wise so I’ve made my cheat day on a Friday. Where I dont have to fight the urge to drink beer. Work has kindly provided us with a healthy snack in the morning … 4 boxes of DOUGHNUTS! This is also a day when most people break out the birthday/leaving the company cakes. So my whole day could be summed up easily like this, sugar/sugar and more sugar.

Apparently there is a way to put my metabolism into overdrive. GrapeFruit Juice, Coffee and Cinnamon to start. Combined with another step I can shunt everything I gorge on to either go into my muscle or pass through me. Fingers crossed.

#Science! Apparently the science behind this is Grapefruit and Cinnamon both turn off a key digestive process in the liver that breaks down caffeine. So extending caffeine’s time in my body and its many beneficial properties. Thankfully it actually went down well, as I usually don’t have coffee.

As Far as setting my muscles up I did 40 air-squats in the bathroom stall a few minutes before I ate any crap for lunch. This gets everyone in the bathroom a laugh. I also have to do some more 30-90 minutes after I’m done with my doughnut, beer and crappy food choice lunch. I also threw in 20 push-ups near my desk. The logic behind this is that you don’t spike insulin levels and the crap you do absorb get shunted into your muscles. Hence the small workout opens them up to accept more of the crap you eat. So my body doesn’t dump it into my fat stores.

I also did some isometric leg exercises, try not to look as constipated as I look and yes everyone noticed.

Protein So far today (lunch) seems to be approx 60g of protein and probably another 20 when I drink my shake later on. Dinner will probably add 12-18 so I’m looking for 90-100g total by bedtime. Sadly beer only has 1.6g of protein per drink, I’ll be having plenty of those later on!

Will update later if I have anything interesting to report, right now I feel great even though I’ve had a sugar/carb filled day so far.

#science #beerfriday


Coffee and grapefuit juice

Coffee and grapefuit juice