Las Vegas

Shortly after I put up my last post I had to pivot! I booked a trip to Las Vegas and LA. Whoop whoop. Unfortunately that means I transitioned into a more lean diet.

The first thing to go was the milk, no more liter of milk a day! I still had my two protein shakes ( with water ) and still hit my protein intake goals.

So sadly I wasn’t able to achieve my new weight goal and have plateaued at around 150 pounds. Here’s the great news. I still am very happy with how my body looks after all this.

If your wondering about my Vegas Trip it was a great success. I actually went to surprise my brother who flew in from Germany. I haven’t seen him in two years, so he was very surprised to have me pop up at the hotel!

Oh and yes drinking on an airplane does get you feeling good very fast, at least in my case.

At this point I’m not sure what my new health targets will be, other than maintain my results. “Stay tuned” though, as I still have some stories I forgot to tell from my recent health journey.




Getting Started

hello all,

Currently my website is under construction,¬†however I’ve decided to start writing some posts under my “health VFX ¬†style” tab. Chronicling my change in eating to gain muscle, while sitting at a desk all day.

See you there,