End times for my VFX health plan – Success?

Today is Wednesday of Week Six of my Six week health challenge as an artist! I lie its actually week Seven. What happened you may say? Pure laziness, Overtime at work and real life crushed my ambition to write.

Hey I’m human, I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I DO have some updates. I will update you on my progress as you might be saying to yourself did I reach my goals? I also have some new goals for the next few weeks. I will also be spreading this post to more socially diverse media for added pressure. If this is your first time reading feel free to look back at my previous excellent examples of writing ;). Lets take a looksy.


Goal #1: Gain/Reshape 20 Pounds, I maybe gained 7-8 lbs and lost at least 3 lbs of fat. So I reshaped 10ish pounds of my body. Not bad. I’m at total body weight of aprox 149 lbs in the morning. Along with my pecks filling out along with my Arms and Legs getting way more muscle on em. Ill call that a success.

Goal #2: Mental clarity, first three weeks no. Last three weeks yes. I can say I’m steadily moving toward 100% clarity. I’m at around 60-70% now.

Goal #3: Ridding Fat of the belly. Yes I’ve been close to getting my V-shape back and moved that fat hanging around my belly else where! Success.

Goal #4: Boost Testosterone: I cant say I didn’t? I didn’t buy any strips or test kits to measure soo yea. Also my scar tissue didn’t get worse! That’s a positive! I did have some experiences that point to higher levels but nothing concrete.


I still had problems eating as much as I should have. I’ve included a few glasses of milk to help fill the gap. Even though I was eating way more than I usually did I am not at a point where I feel I can eat more. Its said after the first week you should be a ravenous endless food pit, this never happened. Maybe I still need to eat more?

I should have had a rough log of daily calorie intake. Since I wasn’t using a fancy program or app I had no idea how many calories I was taking in. This was a problem as I could get my allotted protein intake but be nowhere close to the calories I should have been taking in. Towards the end when I realized not keeping track of this was probably why I wasn’t eating enough I finally did track a few days. I was short like 800-900 calories. This also most likely hindered my muscle/weight bulking.

Even though I was making amazing gains at the gym, only working the bare minimum I felt I was cheating myself of feeling “great after a workout”. I still do an intense workouts but not working out more regularly I feel doesn’t deliver that euphoric feeling. Going forward I will start doing more frequent workout sessions but just keep them light. Reserving the usual days for occams intense workout protocol hoping my general happiness will increase without injuring myself.

I must say any other workout plan I’ve followed or didn’t , always ended up with multiple minor injuries along the way. I’ve been injury free with the current workout schedule.

I also did not have protein shake for a week-ish due to me running out and then spending that time pondering weather I should order it online or pick it up in a store. Then I couldn’t find the brand I had. Also looking through all the choices at the store was a little overwhelming.


I totally could have reached closer to the 20 lbs – had I buckled down and been a Nazi about everything. Things I’ve learned along the journey are way more valuable and I’ll share them. Nobody cares that you running to the bathroom 10x a day, just as long as you get your work done ofcourse. Plus with all the Overtime nobody noticed me taking a little extra time to do air squats in the bathroom.

Lots of Overtime sounds bad but with a little planning actually makes this easier. In my case we were catered dinner for the OT we were pulling. For the most part there was always a meat that was ordered and that’s what I’d have. I avoided the chips and fried stuff as best I could but guess what? I snuck in a few fried felafel balls here and there and I still got accomplished a lot toward my goals. I even fell off the band wagon on my diet for a day or two. My goals were big but having only reached even half way, I still had huge changes in the way my body looks and feels. AND I did it while being a desk monkey.

All I had to do was plan lunch. Most people eat out, I did a half and half approach, I found a grocery store #UrbanFare Has rotisserie chicken for cheap. I spent around 6 dollars for thick quarter pieces of chicken PLUS a side of veggies. Any where else I’d be spending at least 12 and that is exactly what my coworkers were spending for unhealthy food/smaller portions for more money.

For the other half I brought in the rest of dinner or cooked my protein slop bean mix concoction. I really tried not to let excuses get in my way of around 90-100 grams of protein a day. If I had to I doubled up on my protein shakes.

I never even attempted to leave early to do the gym. I just did it on my lunch and yes I still had time to grab my chicken and veggies. Also I had no choice to come in early or after work. I take my daughter to school in the mornings and going after work would be at like 10 pm +. Yea no.

I also recommend having something to eat consistently throughout the day. Luckily for us desk dwellers that’s no problem. I usually kept a tupperware of my bean mix to slowly eat all day.

ALSO something that I’ve been doing now is avoiding beer as much as possible, I usually stick to wine or one of those fruity palm bays for beer friday. I know BEER friday, oh well. I drink plenty of wine to make up for that, plenty.

To Infinity and Beyond

Where next? Glad you asked. I came up with my Get Big Plan 2.0.

Goals for this will be a little more targeted since I have the ball rolling. I’ll also be using what I’ve been doing so far with a few tweaks.

– 1ish liters of Milk a day.

– Logging Calorie intake, setting it probably around 3000 to start.

– 2 Protein Shakes vs 1 per day

– Been using Creatine as suggest by 4hr body so officially incorporating it.

– Work fermented food into diet?

– Ran out of cordyceps not replacing them.

New Goals

Goal #1: Get to 160 lbs total weight in the next Four weeks.

Goal #2: Frequent light workouts for added Happiness/ Mental Clarity. At least 2 workouts per week.

Goal #3: Ridding more belly fat.

Goal #4: Evening out my Farmers tan!