FAILURE … kinda

This past week and a half have been rough.

Both my personal life and work life have been interesting to say the least. Alas its another Beer Friday, how time flies. CHEAT DAY!

Lets see, as far as where I’m at health stat wise, I’ve plateaued gaining weight. Although thats not the worse that could of happened through my week-ish of absurdness. Last weekend was “cheat” weekend lol, though to be honest I didn’t go crazy. I also took steps to mitigate most fat gain. Though I probably put on a pound or so of pure fat.

I did my air squats, coffee with cinnamon and as high as I could of protein intake.

My next slip up was throughout the week I slipped in some carbs here and there. looking back at my food log got in some popcorn, bites of my kids bagels and a hand full of chips. Etc Etc. I’ll also say that I’m not on a natzi strict diet or anything. I’d rather eat a bagel and get back into my plan for the rest of the week then acting like I failed and go completely off the tracks. It happens, plus my goals are more towards gaining mass so extra calories aren’t the worse thing even if they are bad calories.

Next up I ran out of protein powder. Limiting and making it harder to hit my protein requirement.

Also looking through my logs I should be eating more. However buying more food is EXPENSIVE.


I’ve added in Creatine , a few glasses of milk everyday to help me with the protein I lost with powder and I’ve still gained in strength as every session I’ve been able to up my weight by 10 pounds each time.

Other positives are my coworkers are actually picking up things that I’ve been doing. Not that I’ve been talking about what I’ve been doing but its kind of hard to miss me pouring cinnamon into my coffee, my large containers of random drugs and nuts all over my desk. I’ve actually tried to just give the fewest details about what I was doing but all that did was make people more curious. A few have even said they’ve joined the gym to get into better health! Awesome sauce, just by beginning to get my fitness in order caused those around me to start to. I still can’t believe how many people have started a few small things to be healthier.  Not bad for failure week. 😉