Health Stats

How does one be healthy sitting all day?

Luckily I’ve half stumbled through life with good genes and a little bit of knowledge. I’m what you’d call the classic skinny guy, who can eat roughly whatever and loose weight. I think I’ve even managed to loose weight by just thinking of running.  All while having a career that has me chained to a desk for 9+ hours on a normal day.

As a starting point, I’m 5 foot and 8 inches-ish, I’ve generally hovered around 138-145 pounds my entire adult life. Although my weight stays constant, during my more unhealthy periods my body just re-arranges where it put that weight, mostly around my belly and chest.

Starting out I currently weigh 140 lbs. I’ve taken “before” photos in my stylish black shorts, hiked up a bit of course.

As I get older it seems I’m loosing a bit of my skinny guy powers. I’ve decided to start being a little more crafty and hands on with my health rather than leave it up to fate or my desk. This section of my blog will cover my haphazard fall/journey/Fail into being “healthier”.