Nausea and headaches on Slow Carb Deit

About one full day into my new lifestyle change I began to get headaches and feel a bit nauseous. I guess some people feel like crap others feel like dying, I seemed to have mild unconformable-ness constantly. Awesome, I get to look great but feel slightly crappy nearly all the time.

Thankfully it didn’t last. It could have though if I didn’t tweak a few things. When you start something new your bound to forget to do things or throw yourself out of wack getting into the hang of it. Some people on slow carb diets do report getting headaches and nausea, luckily for me nothing I read about why they got them helped me!!! Most sites attribute this to the new patterns of eating and that it will pass shortly. It could last anywhere from the first couple days to first few weeks!

At this point I was already a week and a bit into all this. Kinda panicked as I figured It would last the whole time for me. Then I did some further digging and experimenting. I came up with this:

Eat frequently throughout the day.

Thankfully the people around me didn’t mind me eating a tub of Tuna bean quinoa slowly all day. That was the best solution I could come up with, as we sit planted in the same place most of the day it was super convenient to have on the desk. This took care of my constant nausea feeling, either eating super large meals didnt agree with me or my body needed more in between meals. The only way I could describe the feeling I had was almost being nauseous and hungry at the same time. I also found early on if I missed a meal I would spiral into a horrible mood like one of those commercials where you need that candy bar to be yourself again.

Now that I eat consistently throughout the day, I’m more or less back to my normal moodiness.

Drink Water like its your JOB.

This killed my headache’s I’d get, plus I’d get a little more exercise in running back and forth between the water cooler and bathroom. It might seem common sense but drink more water than you usually do.

Easy peasy. Well that is what worked for me, Im a bit of an odd ball so you might be like everyone else. In which case your symptoms are just you starting a new routine and will pass.