Progress on my Slow Carb Lifestyle

Progress is most definitely the word I would use.

Its been around two weeks. Now I haven’t used the most scientific methods but here are my results and conclusions.

My starting weight was around 140.

At end of week one I gained 3.5 pounds that put me at around 143.5. I probably gained a 1.5 pound of muscle while the rest was fat and probably mostly water weight.

At end of weekend on week one I weighed 140, meaning I dropped 3 pounds after cheat day? lol I guess the cinnamon grapefruit combo worked.

At end of week two I’m back to around 144. However I feel significant portion is muscle, as my arms and peck’s are starting to look more defined. I can definitely tell I’ve shaved fat off my chest and abdomen.

I do need to eat more, I feel I could have gain more muscle and mass in the right places if I fed myself more. My average for protein intake was approx in the 90-93 grams a day, again need more of that too.

Even though I should be eating more I am more than pleased with the results, on top of that my gym time has been something like 3 hours. #Awesomesauce