So It Actually Begins … Working out the VFX way

I should have started shortly after my first post, however ( insert excuses here ).

That being said its OFFICIAL I have started. This is my worldly and very public proclamation that I have started and intend to reach my goals. Cant back out now.

I will now be updating here and there on my progress. Reporting if something hilarious happens such as too much gas or awesome progress. All whilst in the context of being a VFX artist sitting in a desk all day.

Lets dig in, I actually started Monday and it is now Thursday. Technically speaking I started last week around Wednesday, but I really wasnt sure what or how to eat or anything… so the first week we wont count as I was figuring things out. I am not a machine nor is my will rock solid but I am consistent and steady, once I get rolling I’ll keep at it. I think many people feel this need to start out and be perfect and know exactly what there doing. They dont realize even those “experts” started right were you were. Just start, trust me I want things to go as perfect and awesome as the next person but I’ve learned just to keep at it. This week I have it down packed but it took me a week to figure it out. To be honest another two months of telling myself I’ll start tomorrow.

I got myself a membership at a local community center gym nothing fancy. Here in Vancouver with my company discount thats running me 36 bucks a month. Most companies get you some sort of discount at a gym. When at MPC they had something with Steve Nash, not sure if they still have though.

Every day usually starts with a few eggs and a protein shake. I’ve also had my protein “slop” is the best way to describe it. That is one can of tuna, at 40 grams of protein. Then a can of beans, 9ish grams and last but not least Quinoa. That has a whopping 6 grams per quarter cup according to the back of the package.  Using a cup apparently I’m getting 24 grams of protein. I’m skeptical however ignorance is bliss, and for now I’ll cap it at an arbitrary 20. Now this mind you I split up during the day for lunch and dinner. I also depending on how the day went will throw in another protein shake.

As you can tell I am focusing on protein, as of right I’m just going keep track of that.

I’m aiming for 95 – 115 grams of protein a day. As I think its one of the more important markers to keep track of for muscle growth. I’ll try and be as accurate as possible with my slow-carb routine and workout. I also happen to be human so anything can and will happen, Like today. Fell asleep before making my protein “slop” and wont be having that today, instead I will be having additional shakes.


Stay tuned! I’ll try and post an update on this week as a whole, starting and finish weight and gym stats.