So It Begins

I am an avid Tim Ferriss fan. I happen to think his content is awesomesauce.

That being said a-lot of my current plan for healthier eating will be based on his book ” Four hour Body “. Which is a great read and got me thinking I could whip myself into shape. I’ve been digesting on how I can do that for the last month or so. Finally I’ve started… kinda, just got to get all my ducks in a row while working 16 hr days! 🙂


Goal #1: Reshape 20 pounds. Gain weight mainly with muscle in 4-6 weeks. Sounds crazy but go big or go home.

Goal #2: Mental Clarity. Getting rid of mental fog I’ve been experiencing more and more.

Goal #3: Get rid of the extra fat hanging around my abdomen.

I probably have some more goals I’ll add them in later when my brain fog clears and I remember.


Goal#4: Boost my testosterone, as research is hinting at the fact that testosterone and other hormones linked to it boost repair abilities. Hoping to fix some previous surgery scar tissue.


My basic outline will be the “Slow-Carb” approach with “Occams Protocol” for my exercise routine and diet plan.


My diet will be mostly Meat and Veggies. Mainly beans, tuna and quinoa. Tim suggests keeping it simple and repeating a few simple meals to get the required nutrients/protein/etc.

Will also include some supplements he suggests along the way, the only two I take now is vitamins, whey protein shakes  1-2 a day and a Cordycep supplement .

Also I get one “cheat Day”. I can already hear it , well then this is never going to work for you. Actually there are a lot of reasons to HAVE a cheat day. Spiking my caloric load once a week will prevent my body into starvation mode, basically a system reset.


With the Occams Protocol, work outs will be one set 7-12 reps to failure. Below is a link to all the exercises I’ll be using from Tim’s website. I will also be alternating workouts. The more I go up in weights the more I space out my workouts. Theory is do enough to trigger muscle growth while giving enough time to repair and grow. In between I’ll be stuffing myself with Proteins and veggies.

Geek-to-Freak Exercises


Disclaimer, I am not a doctor nor do I play one at any VFX studio, this is not medical advice. I do pretty well advising myself but just barely, so don’t assume this is an exhaustive list of all the rules of this new eating/workout routine. I DO think someone should be talking about their experiences getting healthier in the context Visual Effects industry. I think there is a lot of room for us to be really healthy even though we have a desk job. Like standing desks, which are cool but are limited due to space. How many push ups can you do while you render?

So let the fun begin, I plan to start this when I get all that’s needed, including a gym.